Resin Driveway Surfacing

Harrington Brothers Contractors install high-quality resin driveways in the areas of Chelmsford, Epping and Brentwood, along with the surrounding areas.

We use quality supplies and fully accredited contractors to ensure a perfect fitting.


Resin driveway

Resin-bound gravel driveways are constructed using natural aggregates and resins, often sourced in the UK and made from recycled materials.

This makes resin driveways an incredibly eco-friendly option. Furthermore, both the resin-bound and resin bonded gravel hold together for decades, unlike loose stone driveways which can chip, displace or require maintenance.

This means that the carbon footprint of this driveway solution is much lower.

Resin-bound systems offer the most permeability, so are perfect for use in locations such as swimming pool surrounds, driveways and car parks, whereas resin bonded systems are perfect for use in domestic, commercial or industrial areas, offering a fantastic slip-resistant surface for practicality.


Eco-friendly & SUDS (Suitable Urban Drainage System) Compliant

Resin driveways are completely permeable, which means that any excessive rainwater is able to drain away into planted areas or drains, reducing the risk of flood damage to the area.

This makes resin driveways completely SuDS compliant, perfect for homeowners in areas where the Environmental Agency has introduced requirements to reduce flooding and contamination risk.


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